MINDFLIP – Mindfulness and Breathwork for better health

Scientifically proven techniques to manage stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, balance energy and improve mental wellbeing. Providing tailored mindfulness and breathwork programmes to help individuals, groups and corporate clients access their full potential. Helping clients access effective and practical techniques that work and create real change. At Mindflip we offer weekly classes, 1-2-1 coaching sessions, workshops [ » ]

The Spiritual Light Centre

The Spiritual Light Centre has been set up to help people develop their own inner potential and spiritual gifts. We host groups, demonstrations and workshops on Intuition, Psychic Development, Healing, Personal Development, Meditation and other related subjects. For more details of what is available, please visit our Calendar of Events page. We are currently using the Beeding and Bramber [ » ]

Ann-Marie Marchant

I’m passionate about supporting people on their path to self-love, helping them to embrace their one precious life. I help people change from the inside out and remember their true divinity, mastery and light. I offer you a breathing SPACE for your heart, your soul and your body. Who do I serve? Spiritual seekers A [ » ]