Medium/Clairvoyant – Geraldine Swain

I am a Medium/Clairvoyant with over 25 years experience of working with the Spirit Realms.

I work primarily in Spiritualist Centres and Churches demonstrating Mediumship in public, giving people messages from loved ones in the Spirit world. I also work at Spirit Fairs giving one to one messages to people.  I work from home also and travel to people’ s homes giving messages and Readings.

My work involves giving evidence and proof of survival of the Spirit through giving descriptions of people, with memories, guidance, and various communications. Whatever the Guides I work with feel is necessary for each individual.

I try as much as possible to help people understand their own pathway in life and to realise they are connected to the Spirit realm. Demonstrating this fact through giving messages from their loved ones and bringing this truth through from the Spirit world. Sometimes I am able to work with Guides, giving names, descriptions also and how they can work with Spirit themselves. It depends on the development of each individual I work with.

Teaching is also part of my work. I have run Workshops and Development Circles for Mediumship.

I am also a Fully Qualified SNU Healer.

On-line Reading being done via Facebook Messenger –Bookings taken via Geraldine Swain on Messenger.

Readings currently £25 for 45 mins. Payment made via PayPal. Me/Geraldine Swain .

Geraldine Swain Introduction Video