Marek Lorys – Therapist

Maharishi Marma Therapy – incorporating the ‘Sukshma Marma’ concep

​​Enjoy deep, blissful, healing relaxation with this gentle, powerful therapeutic massage treatment which treats the body’s vital points (Marmas) and channels (Nadis).

Marma Therapy can help with:

  • Tension, Insomnia, Stress-related problems
  • Back, neck, joint problems
  • Helping scars heal
  • Tired and strained (‘computer’) eyes
  • Headaches, Teeth grinding, RSI
  • Many other conditions

Distance Treatments

Attention without touch is one of many ways in which the Marmas can be treated. While treatments are generally done in person using the gentle massage treatment that is Sukshma Marma Therapy, distance treatments are also available.

Treatments on the level of consciousness can be very helpful, especially if it is difficult to get to a therapist or else to complement other treatments.

If you are interested in a distance treatment for yourself or someone you know, this is how it works: you would first have a brief consultation by Skype/WhatsApp etc., so that we can discuss any issues, and then together we can decide the direction to take to try to remedy the situation.

After that, using ‘attention without touch’, treatments are provided on the level of consciousness, and from time to time I ask you for feedback to find out what changes you are experiencing.

Distant Treatment Cost

The cost is £40, payable in advance. This payment covers distance treatments for a period of three weeks, after which the situation is reviewed and the client decides whether or not to continue. There is no obligation or long-term commitment.


Phone: 07946 386290