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Jenny Lynne Sessions (Jen-ix) is a multidimensional mentor, shaman, and spiritual teacher. She has a background in counselling and psychotherapy, and is a conduit for higher guidance, healing sound frequencies and medicine songs. She will meet you where you are and always designs a bespoke session with you to answer your call. She is dedicated to being a creative catalyst for change and transformation.

She has been working in the Healing Arts for the past 30 years and had the privilege to be given ancient sacred teachings, sharing the wisdom and traditions from well revered indigenous elders, wisdom keepers and shamans. In honour of her dedication to this deeply transformational work she carries a sacred pipe known as a Canupa.

As a powerful alchemist, visionary/seer, Jen-ix facilitates the clearing away of the trappings of who we think we need to be to a place of who we truly are and wish to become, enlisting sound with intent and mindfulness to create profound changes and healing within individuals, groups, for the land and within the animal kingdom. It is always important to remember that the power of your intent will be your guiding star.

She uses her drum and voice as a bridge between the spirit world and our physical realm. Here she will access the songs and frequencies wishing to be voiced in order to shift people’s vibrations from lower dense frequencies to much higher ones – the state where being at one with self and source is natural, easy and joyful and from which creativity and connection thrive.

She works powerfully and creatively with many beautiful tools sometimes in the heart of nature or indoors. She guides folk to access their point of entry to inner journeying and synthesising the essence of the dilemma present, supporting them to take their power back returning their hearts and minds to coherence. This allows folk their forward motion step by step or sometimes to simply and profoundly take one giant leap.

She always creates a sacred space and works in the moment with guidance given. She respects the enormous medicinal power of humour and is inspired by being able to support people returning to their sovereignty and fulfilling their soul purpose.

Jen-ix will help you find your authentic voice if you’re looking for it. She will support you strengthening your intuition, your ropes of connection and ability to listen to your heart, activating your natural genius and becoming ever more of your own medicine.

Jen-ix’s skills, presence and transmission of energy provide you with a safe space for profound transformation and change to take place.

She runs groups and one to one sessions, offers readings and healings and is host of A Circle of Feathers | The Power of Community and Spirit. This is a circle where you are invited in to find your missing ‘Peace’, a sanctuary, a soft place to land to nurture connection, give and receive support, be welcome, be inspired, be heard and be witnessed, engage in personal development, learn to shift your frequency, connect your heart and mind turn trauma to treasure and help heal the Earth

She is an honorary Elder and presenter within the Earth Elders & the Galactic Fire Circle.

We are all seekers on a mission to find our missing peace and share good medicine for the benefit of all.

Become the change
And welcome in a new earth
When we listen to our hearts
we change our minds and change our lives

Aho mitaquayoyasin

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Phone: 07990 517751

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