Bleau Shanay Hudson – Healing Star

Bleau Shanay Hudson qualified with The Healing Trust (NFSH – National Federation of Spiritual Healers) in August 2018 after 2 years of study. Bleau has a passion for spiritual healing (also known as energy healing or natural healing) and the positive effects it has on people and animals.


As a healer, Bleau does not claim to cure and never diagnoses, but instead acts as a conduit for healing to flow from the source to the client with the healing going to areas that it is most needed.

Bleau is fully insured, also  to offer healing treatments on all animals. Bleau has a special affinity with horses and has attended several of Margrit Coates’ Equine Healing workshops. Margrit Coates is a world-renowned animal and horse healer and highly respected in her field of work.

Matthew Manning

Britain’s Leading Healer

“I tip Bleau to be one of the leading healers in the coming decades!”