Angela Tarry – Aura Photography

We all have energy fields in and  around our bodies, which are known as auras, and most people are unable to see them with the naked eye.
These auras appear in different colours and shades depending on how your energy is vibrating, so if , for example, you are focused on Love and Joy, the colours will be bright. However,  if you are feeling negative or stressed,  your aura colours will be dark or dull.
For over 25 years, Angela Tarry of Aura Energy Photos has been using   a high-tech bio-feedback imaging camera which produces photographic representations  of people’s auras.  She interprets  the resulting picture of the person and their aura  and gives a reading from that.
She also trained as a psychotherapist, a NFSH healer and Colour Healer.
If you are interested in having a reading once we are free to move around again, please get in touch.
Tel: 07967 975436