Angel K – Kirstie Medlycott

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kirstie or Angel K as my friends call me.  Angels and Unicorns are an everyday feature in my life and I draw inspiration from their magical energy guiding me with my card readings and healing.

My passion for what I do and how I am able to help others, has grown more and more over the years, from my own life experiences spiritually and intuitively. Which led me to explore and learn more about my spiritual side and healing through Reiki, Crystals, Indian Head Massage and Intuitive Card Readings.

Card Readings

When I do a reading I use Oracle and Tarot cards, trusting my instincts and intuition as I read. I often find I pick up, feel and see without the use of my cards. I truly love doing readings, it is a great feeling for me being able to help others, calm troubled minds, reassure you of your beliefs, guide you on your path and show you things from past and present.

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